In the legal services industry your reputation is the cornerstone of your brand. When you are protecting the rights of your clients, it should be well known that your firm is reputable, caring, and trustworthy. Promoting this image is essential and building brand awareness in your community is the most important step in growing your client base. You want everyone in your town and the surrounding area to know your firm and how you can help them.  To accomplish this, take a look at the way you are Branding Your Law Firm, and a simple improvement you can make with the resources you already have.


Branding A Law Firm & Brand Ambassadors

While digital, radio, print, and media marketing is important, you must also realize that you have another invaluable asset at your disposal – your employees and peers. You and your partners or associates should act as brand ambassadors for your firm by sharing news of your successes and always keeping an ear out for ways that your firm could help people in your community in getting the justice they deserve.


How to support your team as brand ambassadors:

Define your mission, and outline your branding.

Your whole team needs to understand your brand identity clearly.  They must be able to articulate their role in supporting your collective purpose. They’re an important part of what you want to accomplish, and understanding their stake in the success of your firm is highly motivational. It’s more rewarding to succeed together when you know that you’ve been a part of that success.


How to get on the same page:

You should meet with all members of your team collectively and concisely define for them:

“Who are we?”
“What do we do?”
“Why do we do it?”

  • Make sure to ask for their input about their own answers to these questions.  This can help to flesh out the genuine connections your team has to your mission as a firm, and establishes how your purposes align.
  • Let your team know exactly how they should act as brand ambassadors. How you would like them to speak to people in your community regarding your firm and your services?  What conversations are they permitted to have, and what advice are they able to give in order to earn cases?

You may not be able to take on every case – but your attorneys (as your ambassadors to the public) can provide advice to those you turn away.  This will go a long way to make sure that the cases you turn down, don’t bite you in the behind later on with bad service reviews.

Remember to reward active ambassadors:

Make sure to praise and reward members of your team who bring new clients to the firm through their efforts as a brand ambassador. Financial incentives, more prestigious case assignments, or a simple pat on the back can go a long way to help keep an employee motivated.


Final Branding Tip:  Branding everyday items you and your team will use in  professional or personal situations is an easy way to get your name out there.  Think casual Friday collared shirts, laptop cases, car magnets, Coozies, T-shirts, etc.


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